A Dandy Wren
A Dandy Wren

Property Management, but in a Different Way

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A Dandy Wren - a different way.

We truly believe in the importance of a holistic approach towards the management of your home, whether you are customer or client you have a vital role to play.

Though collaboration we pride ourselves on being the agent that not only listens but also responds. We engage by way of residents meetings, feedback questionnaires, surgeries and all of the traditional methods too.

Our sole aim to ensure we are getting things right.

How we work

Of course there is always a reactive element to the job, however there is so much more that can be planned. This is where working closely with you will help us ensure we are delivering what is needed and more importantly when its needed.

Through residents meetings, site meetings, customer feedback surveys we will adapt our product to something that is bespoke and works perfectly for you.

We are different and that means adapting to what each of our developments want, of course there is the statutory stuff that has to be done and we always ensure compliance is a fundamental part of our work. However over and above that there is so much more. An opportunity to build a community with your friends and neighbours, Create wildlife areas, look in on and care for your neighbours.

Planning for success

We work with all of our clients and customers to prepare and plan as far as is possible to do so, this means that we don’t only look at the current years budget we plan for the future we make sure that any planned works in several years time are spread out over several years to ease the financial burden on everyone.

We hold consultation meetings when the budget is prepared for us to discuss the plans for your home.

Our services

We are able to cover all of the areas that a development needs within a year.

Here are just some of them....

  • Service charge budgeting
  • Residents meetings
  • Engagement surveys
  • Regular site inspections
  • Company secretary services
  • Annual account preparations
  • Monthly reporting on finances
  • Maintenance & management report
  • Feedback results
  • Online portal

You’re covered with us

We are affiliate members of ARMA, have Public Liability and Public Insurance in place, our managers are members of IRPM.

The Property Ombudsman

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